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Achieve Your Business & Agricultural Goals

At West Iowa Bank, we have the proper financial tools to allow your business or farm operation to meet short- and long-term financial goals. With our variety of business savings and checking accounts, along with our commercial and agricultural loans and lines of credit, we can help your business or farm operation to grow and achieve future success.

Business Loans:

Our lenders take the time to understand your needs and can offer a variety of options to help you obtain financing for your needs, whether starting a new business, expanding your current one, or upgrading equipment, you can be assured that the staff at West Iowa Bank will work with you to ensure future success.

Commercial Real Estate Lending

Commercial Real Estate

If you are starting a business or have an existing one that needs to expand, contact one of our experienced lenders today to navigate you through the financial process and reach your business goals.

Construction Loans

Construction Loans

We can help you get the construction financing you need to help ensure your next construction project will go smoothly. Contact your local branch today for more information.

Equipment Loans

Equipment Loan

Needing equipment for your new or expanding business? Wanting to upgrade old or outdated commercial equipment? The commercial lenders at West Iowa Bank are here to help. With both short and long-term financing solutions, we can be sure that your facility has the equipment it needs.

Operating Lines of Credit

Operating Lines of Credit

West Iowa Bank has commercial lines of credit available to help with short term cash flow and seasonal fluctuations. We have flexible credit amount and repayment schedules, we can ensure your commercial operation continues to run smoothly, ensuring funds are available when you need them.

Agricultural Loans

We know that farming is something more than a business. It’s your life. From long days in the field, to uncontrollable weather and changing land conditions, we understand the many variables that can happen to a farm operation. That is why it is important to have a financial partner who is committed and lets you rest assured that one variable is controlled. Look below to see our agricultural loan options available or contact your local office for more information.

Farm Mortgage Loans

Farm Mortgage Loan

If your farm is growing and you are looking at making a major investment for more land or new buildings, we offer farm mortgage loans to help you achieve your goals for the future.

Farm Equipment and Machinery Loans

Farm Equipment/Machinery

Needing to upgrade your equipment to meet your current or future farming needs? Contact your local West Iowa Bank office to see how our lenders can help to ensure your farm equipment will meet your requirements and help increase productivity.

Livestock Loans

Livestock Loans

West Iowa Bank offers livestock loans for the purchase, care, feeding or refinancing of debt on livestock, and can help tailor a loan for your specific needs.

Crop Lending

Crop Lending

We provide crop loans to cover a variety of expenses involved with crop production, post-harvest, purchase of materials such as seed, fertilizers, insecticides, fuel, wages and more. Our lenders will make sure your operation runs smoothly whether it be planting in the spring or harvesting in the fall.

Operating Line of Credit

Operating Line of Credit

We offer operating lines of credit for your farm to help with seasonal cash flow fluctuations or to help with the purchase of expenses for your farm such as fuel and chemicals.

Business Checking & Savings

West Iowa Bank offers a range of checking and savings accounts to allow you to find out what fits your needs. We offer many benefits such as electronic statements, online banking, and competitive interest rates. Check out our great checking and savings accounts below or contact our friendly staff for more information.

Checking and Savings Accounts

Business Checking Accounts:

Business Checking

Free in-house checks for one year.

To order business checks, please stop in one of our branches today.

Business Savings Accounts:

Money Markets

  • $100.00 minimum to open account.
  • Regular savings rate applies if account falls below $2500.00.
  • Please contact your local branch for interest rate
  • During any month, you may not make more than six withdrawals or transfers to another account of yours, to a third party by means of a pre-authorized or automatic transfer or telephone order or instruction, computer transfer or by check, draft, or debit card or similar order to third party.

Platinum Money Markets

  • $100.00 minimum to open account.
  • $5.00 plus state/local sales tax service charge if the average daily balance falls below $15,000.00 on any day during the statement cycle.
  • During any month, you may not make more than six withdrawals or transfers to another account of yours, to a third party by means of a pre-authorized or automatic transfer or telephone order or instruction, computer transfer, or by check, draft, debit card or similar order to a third party.

Certificate of Deposit

West Iowa Bank offers Certificates of Deposit (CDs) for your mid-to-long term savings goals. With competitive interest rates and a range of terms, now is a great time more than ever to save for your future. Contact your local branch for more information and current rates and terms.

Privileged Status Network

Privileged Status Network

West Iowa Bank is part of the Privileged Status Network which allows cardholders to make withdrawals from any privileged status ATM anywhere with no fees. Check out the link below to find a privileged status ATM near you.

Other Services

West Iowa Bank offers a number of other services such as:

  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Night Deposit
  • Savings Bond Redemption (FDIC Does Not Insure Savings Bonds)
  • Wire Transfers
  • Bank by Mail
  • Free Telephone Transfers
  • Stop Payments
  • Money Orders